These will be the following depots and times taking off
Bierstad and Seabright…Take off is 7:45 am
Ibson and Seabright..Take off is at 7:50 am
Seabright and Plains…Take off is at 7:55 am
Lost Valley and Plains..Take off is at 7:55 am
Waco and Saddle Run…Take off is at 7:55 am
Twin Oaks and Saddle Run…Take off is at 7:55 am
All depot leaders will have a neon orange vest and will be carrying a liberty flag.
If there are bikers they can meet at Seabright and Plains and Kristen Little will be riding along with them on her bike.
Go to the gym and sign your name on the poster and get your prize. 1st graders, go to the cafeteria after signing the poster. Mrs. Leary will walk all 1st graders over to Sutter Park.
Anyone that would like to volunteer for this event or upcoming Walk/Bike to School days, contact Regan Versele at